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Apartment Building


Maintenance of Civil Construction is quite challenging which needs utmost intelligence to get success in it. We can no way overcome the limitations of concrete without the uses of construction chemicals. Hence, a very special attention is needed in choosing product and it's execution.

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Maintenances That Need Utmost Intelligence

*  Floor Treatments - See Video

*  Column, Beam and Ceiling Treatments - See Video

*  Wall Treatments - See Video
*  Bathroom and  Toilet Area Treatments - See Video
*  Roof Treatments - See Video

*  Uncovered Reinforcement Treatments - See Video

*  Expansion Joint Treatments - See Video

*  Anti Termite Treatment for Affected Building - See Video

*  Anti Termite Treatment for Affected Wood Items - See Video 

*  Blocked Drain Cleaning Treatment - See Video

Help Desk

Just convey your exact need to us. We will help you to choose the right category as well as the right product.

Helpline : 94340 44133

WhatsApp : 94344 01212

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